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Lille Compagnie

Hi there! Nice to meet you – Lille Compagnie was born out of our passion for Scandinavian design and minimalism. In our eyes, minimalism means conscious consumption: Products from responsible manufacturing processes which help us free our own lives from unnecessary baggage. The name Lille Compagnie comes from the Scandinavian languages and means "little companion". It reflects our mission to support children´s development. That is how "Lille Compagnie" was born.

Each of our brands tells a story that can inspire parents to teach their children appreciation of humans, nature and individual objects We place great emphasis on:

/  100 % Made in Europe
/  Non-toxic
/  Wholesome materials
/  High-quality
/  A timeless & charming design

At Lille Compagnie, you will find both established manufacturers and exciting niche brands that you may never have heard of before. In addition to the enchanting designs and the exceptional quality of their products, they have one thing in common: They share our values and our dedication to promoting them. Each of our brands tells a story, a story that we hope will inspire parents to teach their children to appreciate the value of simplicity. We select articles for our product range with the greatest care. In order to ensure a high level of sustainability and transparency, we only sell products that are made in Europe. You can count on us: As parents ourselves, we are deeply committed to our products, and we would like to share them with other parents and their children. Discover the world of Lille Compagnie and join us on our path to a conscious future!


Changing the industry requires true heroines and heroes who live consciously every day and lead the way with us. Are you next?



Our mission

Our mission is to promote high-quality products as well as the respectful use of resources and conscious consumption. That is why we choose only brands that take their responsibility to humans and the environment seriously by providing fair working conditions, using organic materials and emphasing a timeless, charming design. We believe customers need transparency to be able to make conscious decisions. That is why a transparent supply chain is of the utmost importance to us. Lille Compagnie only promotes brands that meet the following requirements:

Design – Lille Compagnie stands for durability and a timeless, minimalist design. Our products are not designed to live up to short-lived trends; they are made to bring joy for many years to come.

Materials – The brands we work with use: Natural, non-toxic materials, Natural dyes and Upcycling. Seals like "IVN certified BEST natural textiles" or "GOTS" stand for the highest standards of sustainability. They promise skin-friendly products that feel as good as they look and are as gentle on the environment as possible.


Production – We support the regional economy by focusing on brands that manufacture in Europe without using toxic materials. They assure both safe and healthy working conditions as well as fair pay for workers and producers.

When we first started thinking about setting up Lille Compagnie, it was clear: We want to concentrate on local companies. In this way we can offer our customers the highest level of transparency and ensure that you can shop with a clear conscience.

That is why you will only find brands at Lille Compagnie that produce in Europe.



„No one can accomplish anything alone. Everyone must work together and support one another to achieve something great. “

- Isaac Newton

Lille Compagnie goes Better packaging & no issues

Packaging waste is a huge problem for our planet. That’s why we at Lille Compagnie don’t use any conventional plastic. Instead, we ship your order in compostable packaging from our partners Better Packaging and noissue. It contains no toxins and is easy to reuse for other purposes, plus a lot of CO2 is saved during production. You can simply throw the packaging out in your organic waste bin or compost pile. They decompose within a few months and without residues that pollute the environment. It’s a small but significant way to create less packaging waste as well as a future worth living.

Let´s work together to create a better world that we would be proud to leave our children! You have questions about our brands or want to learn more about our sustainability strategy? Then please contact us at: hello@lillecompagnie.com